I'm dead and yet I breathe


Please just close the shutters,

lock the door and throw away the (key),

please just leave off the lights,

let me blanket myself in the dead of night.

(I) can't seem to stand the light of the day, 

can't seem to keep my demons at bay,

they're tearing me up inside,

and I just can't find,

The cure to mend my ailing mind.


Please just let me fall,

and lose it all,

let this current pull me (under),

understand I cannot be saved,

just stay away,

Madness is highly contagious.

HOW could you possibly comprehend,

what it means to be alive but dead?

a corpse with a pulse,

a cadaver thats still breathing,

a body without a coffin and heart still beating.


Despite all I've been given,

I have no place among the living,

can't help but see myself as disgraceful,

a dissapointment; distasteful.


 can't dreams of the future,

  only dream of the day,]

they finally put me in my coffin and say,

"Rest in peace"


Though it might sound both depressing and strange,

but the one thing I would change,

to the living dead I would give,

would the passion to live.


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