Human Connection

This wall that so cleverly divides us all.
This shameful state, acting as though we are asleep
But you know we are awake.

Drop this futile façade.
I know you see me, standing here
Feeling my thoughts, feeling my emotions so clear.

We are all connected.
Don’t you remember,
That fragile thread that has always tied us together?
Our souls are so very aware of each other

Do not pretend, by being polite
That you do not feel and know my plight.
Break the artificial glass wall that is creating this absurd illusion
This illusion that you do not know the people surrounding you.

You know everyone
You know me
Are we not a part of the same breathing universe?
Call out to me, my brother!

Talk to me
Do not hold back
Express to me those deep thoughts you always suppress.
Leave an impression, don’t be afraid!

Reach out to touch me
Show yourself to me
Make this connection
This beautiful, constant human connection.

So deep and natural, you feel this affection
But you are too afraid of breeching conduct to admit it.
Transcend the shallow barrier that you feel
Feel me, love me, tell me how you really feel.


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