Questioning Changes Everything

Questioning Changges Everything

I am so incredibly sorry

That I questioned your motives.

Because you, society, 

Obviously have our generation's best interest in mind.

Or do you?


And forgive me, political correctness

For asking why you discriminate. 

Because color, gender, and religion

Can only seperate, as you say.

Is that the way humanity should be?


My apology continues, status quo

For you know finances best.

Debt, taxes, and increased spending

Are the best way to help the future economy grow.

But truely, will our economy survive this?


Please pardon my asking, oh holy social classes,

Because keeping people poor keeps them in there place

And the rich can pay all the taxes.

There's no need for lessening poverty, of course.

Why does society sit back and watch itself suffer?


Yes, I'm terribly sorry society, Our voices are not allowed to question.

They are not permmitted to be heard.

And should we ever change this?

The future generation has a simple answer:



Mafi Grey

Yes we should be able to change anything and life shouldn't be about somebody's skiing color or religion or gender or even how they look, cause at the end of the day; skills and hard work is what shows what a person is and not what they can do for your or look like.

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