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Though the world is turning without stopping people stop in the middle of the street daily to take a little selfie. Whether it be for Istagram, Facebook, or twitter you have to make sure you look perfect without posting.
Someone once asked me, "who are you and what made you this way?" I was asked that questions years and still am lost for an answer to this day I am a women of color with a body that has even proportions
Do I even know the true me? He's hidden in the darkest alley
The Slam Behind the Curtain. What a curious sound. They looked, and looked, but it was just me they found.   They keep on looking past me, eyes searching up high and low.
She sits as a mute everyday, when speaking pushes her heart. She looks with a stoic face, when a smile threatens to break her face. She listens with a tentative ear, when she is tired of hearing. 
  The true me Can’t you see? The weight of the world is constantly weighing on me Like the branch of a tree, Delicate, Stiff, Weak. I can’t show the real me Because someone might see
'I am White. White is might; might, that's right. My collar is tight. My future is bright. I pick no fight. Money - money gives me height. Height is flight.
You think you know what I'm all about, you see me walk, you see me talk. You see the way I care for others,
From time to time i like to just lay
Counselor: How bout we start by you telling be about yourself ME:  *sigh* So where do it start?
Honestly speaking, you were never really there Honestly speaking, you never really cared Honestly speaking, your voice started to fade Honestly speaking, I can remember the day
Just one job could open a door too a number of possiblities; and the one job that can change my life, Is just around on the otherside
If I could change that day, the day you left, when you were on your own, without me to hold, i'd make sure you'd be ok, warn you and hold you tight, for me to be complete was gone, we stood in darkness waiting, hoping, leaving, missing, lost.
Trapped in an image, Afraid to be judged by the people around us Not being who you’re suppose to be, Forced to be what the world wants to see, What they think is right.
I hear the squeaking of shoes on the gym floor I see the sweat dripping from determined faces I feel the motivation and drive coming off of every athlete I train I am an athletic trainer  
If I could change one thing What would it be? I’d have to change everything I knew that was the key  
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