Though the world is turning without stopping

people stop in the middle of the street daily to take a little selfie.

Whether it be for Istagram, Facebook, or twitter

you have to make sure you look perfect without posting.


Who could post a picture without...

Enhancing the lighting or darkening it

just to make sure you look like a god?

Putting a filter on it

Black and White Strong, Black and White Antique, Black and White Fade

so many Black and White options when our God gave us Color.


Color to see the beauty of the world, 

to understand the difference between day and night

to see the color of his eyes 

or her skin

He gave us color to differentiate 

Who We Are.


So please,

before you edit your picture so much that even your best friend couldn't recognize you...


Just take to social media and hashtag it

#IWokeUpLikeThis #NoFilter #ThankfulForColor #BeautifulTheWayIAm 



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