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CLOUDNINE'S TWENTY SEVEN PSALM OF DOXOLOGY TO ADORE THY LORD GAD! #C9fm ~~ 1 Make holy his glorious name and adore His powerful word. 2 Sing praises unto thee. And let every breathing creatures tremble at His footstool.
Amy please let go of my heart My lounges need room to expand  And i find it hard to breath When you press my chest like that.   Amy i know your easily scared
Do you know what it is like to be afraid of everything? Terrified of what has been, terrified of what's to come. I'm afraid of my own passing shadow, when I turn and when I walk. I'm afraid of myself.
For a very long time I looked down on myself for pursuing my dreams instead of the wealth My brother, an engineer My sister, a nurse   And I...  I am...   not the lawyer you wanted to see
She was the canvas, the blade the brush, the blood the paint that gives her a rush. A rush of releif  from the opressive thoughts that control her mind, that takes control of her life.
Red, The colour you bleed As you pour your heart To the stranger on the bus. Red, The colour you bleed As you pace back and forth in your bedroom Contemplating
It must have been cloudy -- for this pain in my chest is heavy. And as you speak, the rain begins to fall, soaking my skin; sending shivers to my spine, with every step you took.
Tears stream down my face as my mind begins to scatter Feelings of hopelessness overwhelm my being Depression is no longer a word, it’s a part of me I can’t breathe
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