Just Me and My Anxiety

Do you know what it is like to be afraid of everything?

Terrified of what has been,

terrified of what's to come.

I'm afraid of my own passing shadow,

when I turn and when I walk.

I'm afraid of myself.

I'm afraid that I will never be good enough,

that my failures will outweigh my successes.

I'm afraid to show the world who I really am.

I'm afraid that everything is going wrong rather than going right,

and that when everything is said and done,

it will all amass to nothing. 

I'm afraid of my mind because I have no control over my fears.

I'm afraid of my mind because I know that the fear is irrational.

I'm afraid of myself because I can see my potential,

and I have to face myself every day,

and tell myself that everything will be okay.


To be honest, maybe I am not afraid.

At least not anymore.

I've had to pick myself up too many times

from a cold, lonely, hard floor. 

But every day with my anxiety I have to fight,

and every day I find a way to survive.


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