Anxious Weather


United States
39° 3' 12.2004" N, 76° 58' 32.9772" W

It must have been cloudy --
for this pain in my chest is heavy.
And as you speak, the rain begins to fall,
soaking my skin;
sending shivers to my spine,
with every step you took.
And as I repeat the tragedy of events in
my head,
I can see lightning bolts collide.
And like a rainy day,
I can feel the thunder rumble against my templates.
So strong, the thoughts begin to hurt.
My head,
the memories start to soak in,
and drown my control with it.
And like a house with no roof,
my insides
begin to tremble.
The wind, carries my belongings with it.
And as I coward for safety,
my bones tremble and shake -
while I wait for this weather to pass.


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