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What would you change? The way the inner soul endangers itself with an impulsive allusion. What would you change?
Oh, the beauty that could be,Oh, the beauty that could be,
My stomach flutters, My heart pounds so fast and loud I can hear it in my ears. Boiling blood rushes through my body to my cheeks, All when I see you. I’m with you,
You seek out attention, Like a lion preying on a gazelle. You put up an act, Like a play directed out of a book. You hold up a wall blocking your feelings,
The way your hair falls perfectly across your face, Like waves in the sea. Your eyes sparkle, Like the midnight stars. Your smile,
  In love Your heart gains a sharp feeling, Like a dull pencil. Your eyes sparkle, Like tinker bells light as it dies out. Love, It stops your heart
Trapped in an image, Afraid to be judged by the people around us Not being who you’re suppose to be, Forced to be what the world wants to see, What they think is right.
How long could she bear this society? How long
  They ask me if I’d ever change my address If I’m scared to sleep at night If I have extra locks on my door Or if I’ve ever had to fight When I step off the bus, I’m told to pray
Statistically speaking, I was rejected way before being born,
All we see, all we hear.
The world is coming to an end. Your life is spiraling downwards.   No one sees your pain behind that fake smile.   People are blind. They see your scars and think you want attention,
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