Injustice: Rejected

Statistically speaking, I was rejected way before being born,

Into a system that Is torn and rejects the truth,

from the youth......


T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E( The Hate You Gave Little Infants F..... Everybody)

as Shakur would say,

I feel the sickness In the air,

and It has a lot of people scared,

While leading the masses astray.


Am I suppose to grow, while expected to fail?

According to this, I'm dead soon or In Jail.


By the age of 21, Which means I have 5 months left to teach,

and outreach to all my Brothers and Queens,

With the dream.


This world we are given Is a test,

Many of us fail,

Can't comprehend because the Schools have failed.


The times have not changed,

Still 1712, Not physically chained,

but mentally Slaves.


We still killing each other, I thought we were Brothers?


The same system that we depend on rejects us,

If things were really equal, wouldn't they protect us?



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