The Last Night


The world is coming to an end.

Your life is spiraling downwards.


No one sees your pain

behind that fake smile.


People are blind.

They see your scars

and think you want attention,

but all you want is for the pain to stop.


Peopl are deaf

You scream till you burst inside,

but no one hears you.


Behind a mask of makeup you hide,

You feel unpretty.

You compare yourself to other girls.


By starving yourself,

by purging your guts out

you find a sense of control.


Every nihgt,

you cry yourself to sleep,

you scream up at the sky,

and you wonder what life would be like without you.


You wish someone out there understood,

understood your pain,

and that you're barely hanging on.


If you're hearing this,

than you found yourself a hero.


Tonight is the last night 

that you'll have to self harm,

starve yourself,


and cry yourself to sleep.

You don't have to worry anymore.

Let me save you from yourself.


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