They Say, I Say

Fri, 03/21/2014 - 23:34 -- RubaR



They ask me if I’d ever change my address

If I’m scared to sleep at night

If I have extra locks on my door

Or if I’ve ever had to fight

When I step off the bus, I’m told to pray

Because I never know if my shoes will too be put on display.


Others tell me to watch my back

Because one of “them” might take a hit at me

I say, why be scared of a shade darker than me?

Are we not all capable of attacking too?

Never does one see past the horizon,

For we are far too ignorant as humans to accept not even one.


So they ask me again if I’d ever change my address

Because of their race

Because of what the media makes them out to be

Because of what others see them as,

A disgrace.


I say, why?

Are we not the same?

Does one not say to another to be careful when they don’t see their own?

One’s action doesn’t give the right to judge the whole.


My answer? No.

I will not change my address because I hope for that one day

That one day differences will be put aside and the world will change its dull shade of gray.




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