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I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party.I won't let the media tell me what to think.You refused to report facts from the Nunes memo.At least 17 lies in the FISA applications,Constituting the worst FISA abuse ever. Zero coverage from your fake
He was a merchant selling condos and penthouses Then switched to sell dreams of a new America Let's make America great again was slogan he chose Gullible masses hooked by pack of lies and half truths
Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses To address the issues of the political injustice in our country.   
As far as I can remember family gatherings have consisted of speech regarding illegal aliens and the economy. I can not remember a time when my family was not concerned with such things.
I look out into the world and wonder, what the hell happened. I used to live inside a lego house, but now the bricks are melting like a pool of plastic memories.
The stares, They burn. I shoot my hand up in class. Teacher staring at my ass. The beginning of a perfect liberal poem! The glares,
I have a black friend  And I have a white friend 
What do we do? When all we see, is just fighting, in the land of the free?   an elephant wants this, yet the donkey wants that, yet speak of compromise you'll be laughed at  
I pledge allegiance To the left Stand for the oppressed Bleed blue from my chest.   I pledge allegiance  to the right Disguised as hate But for freedom I fight.  
January 20th, 2017, a man who fought the oppressed captured the nation A man who said the gays should be prayed away to appease creation A man who is bribed to poison the air of our nation
Freedom for you or freedom for me, To die for you, or for country? Is this not a choice, but instead a goal, what does it mean for us to truly be free?  
Have you heard, have you heard, Of this feather-shedding bird, The eagle, our freedom, our country, our cause? It’s sick, it is, sick as a dog, With dried up eyes and ears and tongues for laws.
Every four years,  We see something so rough that it brings some to tears. It's not a disaster; People come together to pick our political master. First there was twenty, now there are two.
Am I a Republican or a Democrat a liberal or a conservative am I for gay rights or against gay rights
Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself in fear. What I see is a mess and I think of a makeover and nothing less.   Our government, while always great seems to need the same help as of late.
Elephants toot at the Donkeys neighs but neither are willing to stay and play    A problem of sorts, that holds a grander weight that could ruin livers and end the states  
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