What am I?

Am I a Republican or a Democrat

a liberal or a conservative

am I for gay rights or against gay rights

what am I? what am I?


Why can't I be for more than one thing?

Do I have to live under a label?

Do I have to choose between one or two?

Can I have one without the other?


Are you a Feminist or Sexist?

Are You for guns? How could you?

Do you believe in prolife or against it?

What are you? What are you?


Do you have to define things in black or white?

can there be more than one side?

Or does the world only go based off your agenda?

And you're looking for a fight.


I am what I am

I don't need your judgement

you believe one way, I believe another

who the F*ck cares?

I won't even bother

I follow my agenda, you follow yours


I'll fight for a cause

maybe it's not Your's

But I'm a different person

I have no excuse to be in a box

what the F*ck's Your's




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