Merchant of New York



He was a merchant selling condos and penthouses
Then switched to sell dreams of a new America
Let's make America great again was slogan he chose
Gullible masses hooked by pack of lies and half truths
Put him in the oval office as the new captain America
It wasn't long before they all realised their folly
But it was too late the damage was already done
Uncouth serial molester was now in the driving seat
Ran amok for a full term like a bull in the China shop
Making mockery of the presidency of the United States
Considered the most powerful country in the world
As every good or bad thing eventually comes to an end
Finally the opportunity came knocking at the door
Once deceived, Americans took no chance this time
They bade for Biden, the tried and tested old warhorse
That is the beginning there are other merchants too
Who'll meet their nemesis like merchant of New York

This poem is about: 
Our world


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