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My elbows on the wood of a table Coffee in hand and AirPods in  Slow R&B sounds like a good idea Pulling out pencils, markers, and a pen   The close to creak of my Macbook when I open it
Brighid became a real estate agent When you need a house urgent She will help you tour the house fast So you will not give it a pass As she will give you free detergent
In this world Good is taken for granted Being bad is desired And we face issues that break us down   This world is twisted and confused Why do good girls like bad boys? Why are children abused?
Who are you to take away your life? Your life was predesigned and destined for greatness by our savior. The life that was given to you by the Almighty and the Omega. Why would you want to? 
Always the listener in a conversation,My voice rarely makes an appearance.Being the quiet one gives me a reputation.If I said anything, they would not hear it.
My eyes open slowly, as my bones and muscles ache and crack. The pains of an illegal twelve year, pains no other boy should have. An education is the most important in life, my mother engraved into my head.
The Hurricane     The hurricane came into my life
As I drift off to sleep, my mind enters into a door of dreams, a door filled with adventures for me. Suddenly, I find myself in the sky in marvelous flight Seeing the world from up so high.  
So quickly you left me, I don't understand why. Had I done something so wrong to be punished, or was it just time? You loved me all 16 years with such a big heart. I just couldn't grasp why we were torn apart.
               Sits amongst us Can be a friend Can be a foe But how could something so dark be a friend?                 Sucks you in Just to spit you out All disheveled and askew
Listen! Can you hear me? I am screaming for help I am welling up With the pain inside, With the thoughts that haunt me   Listen! Can you hear me? I am holding your hand
  Open your eyes and be wise.
I want you so much it physically hurts. 
Am I mentally messed up too? 
Night after night, I somehow find myself
The darknes
sometimes I wonder,  when I hear other's words.  who has had things better,  and who has had things worst.  it has become a sort of twisted game,  to find comfort in someone else's fate. 
Debt piling, buy a car, join the academy Be identical to everyone else Fit in with society's requirements Or Find your path, make your dream Do what makes you happy Discover you     
I saw that man on the side of the streetBegging for money for food to eatCause his last meal was two days agoAnd he's dying of starvation but you just say "So?"Desensitized to the pain of these people
What has its worth, have we learned naught? That the things that matter are fruitful but cannot be bought? This sunny world is but a bleak one,
Today I woke up to painful scars and temporary kisses from my guardian angel. My play dates aren't as traditional as the other kids in my neigborhood. Matter of fact.. It was the day before too.
  If I could change one thing about me, It would be the way I see. The way I see the clouds in the sky, And the way I see the birds that fly.
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