Silently Outspoken

Always the listener in a conversation,
My voice rarely makes an appearance.
Being the quiet one gives me a reputation.
If I said anything, they would not hear it.
I interject here, question there, 
But the others do not hear when I call.
Sometimes I feel I would get a better response,
If I spoke to a brick wall. 

As I overhear the conversations in the cafeteria, 
And catch glimpses of high school drama,
I start to wonder why I ever wanted some of these people to listen.
But it was not about whom I wanted to hear me,
I just wanted to be heard. 
Then I came to the realization that I never had to say a word.

I had kept my mouth shut all these years,
But my mind was never still.
I had finally come to the conclusion,
I could show how I am strong-willed.
Speaking through my actions,
Was the easiest solution.
I was always worried about what to say,
When I should have focused on what I was doing



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