The Hopeless

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 18:47 -- hrach96

I saw that man on the side of the street
Begging for money for food to eat
Cause his last meal was two days ago
And he's dying of starvation but you just say "So?"
Desensitized to the pain of these people
But every Sunday you sit under that steeple.
Say you love Jesus, say that you care,
But you turn away to avoid his helpless stare.
Hypocrite, hypocrite, I'm not afraid to say it,
You talk but you don't walk, you don't care a bit.
You were put on this earth to help people in need, 
Cause God sent someone to plant that seed
In the hearts of the needy, the lost, and the broken. 
Look in His word, the truth is spoken. 
So if you say you love Jesus, open your eyes
To the broken, the lost, the empty, hear their cries.


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