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No one has seen the real side of me. Remove my "rise, valencia, sierra, or inkwell" filter and you shall see
Would you want the power to fly or be invisible? I would love to fly all over the world and see the different kinds of people, Why wouldn't you want to be invisible? Because I'm already invisible by just being unequal,
We laugh at the freaks and the geeks Because that’s just the way it is Like smoke blown in our faces and a voice saying “That’s show biz” We fear what we don’t know
Without fliter i am just an average girl. A girl with imprefect skin and facial features The fliter protects me from the public opinon. the  mean comments will not get to me if i have my escape.
You are your own worst enemy You act like your in ecstasy But you’re not What I’m trying to say Is you’ve come so far You carry many scars You made them on your own though
Medicine A simple placation Filling my blood  with its own ideas
A voice that leaves only a soft whisper in the clearing a piece of sand drowning below the waves
I sit in silence  I hold my breath I hold on tight But there's nothing left
We use filter to cover up our blemishes, Both physical and mental. Who wants to see a girl without make up on, Bearing her acne scars and enlarged pores? Who wants to read an emotional caption,
One alone cannot lead. One alone cannot love. One alone cannot learn. One alone cannot learn. One alone cannot laugh. One alone cannot live the life intended.
There's a perfect image I've always had of myself, one not even a filter could create One that's so perfect just me being me  Letting the world seeing me in my natural state It's always seemed to get me further.
Glasses Sharp nose Dark, patterened clothes Sparkling baby blue eyes Bright smile with a crooked jaw Big loving heart with an old amourous soul Behind the filter, behind the hashtag
Everyday I walk through the halls of red and white, watching unfamiliar faces of high school students pass by like a rock skipping across the water.
I'm an average girl,  in a fast paced world. Life has pressure,  a major stressor. School will melt my brain and make us all the same. No imagination,   life has no creation!
I woke up Perfect. I went to bed Perfect. What is perfetion to me? I believe it is being able to express myself, freely.  I can come around people without makeup on my face, 
I mold the perfect skin, the impenetrable shield. I break mirrors to conceal the lies from myself. I shake hands and kiss cheeks, smile and "say cheese" Never worried that my mask will crack, it's applied to a T.  
What if I was perfect?What if I was worth it?If I had no burdens  Would you accept who I am?or would you leave me to be damned?Because I will still be different.
Stretched into a pirouette Porcelain arms above her head Pristine balance and tight bunned hair A trickle of salt water dread The lace toe shoe grips the edge Atop the orange lip of God Sprawling below is dark abyss She could fall with just a prod
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