Trapped Behind The Perfect Me

I mold the perfect skin, the impenetrable shield.

I break mirrors to conceal the lies from myself.

I shake hands and kiss cheeks, smile and "say cheese"

Never worried that my mask will crack, it's applied to a T.


Material things are everywhere to be seen,

But it's nothing that my soul really needs.

Under my cheery laughs are blood curdling screams.

No one would ever guess, that I'm tearing at the seams.


I'm not happy, I'm scared,

I'm not really perfect, I'm flawed.

Inside and out.

I need help, I need love, I need everyone to see.

That, that girl, that girl is not me.

It's an imposter, a monster, a demon of the night.


I'm standing right here, why can't you hear me?

I open my mouth to shout, but that is not my voice.

I fall silent, I stand still.

On the outside, I'm smiling,

On the inside, I'm dying.


But everyone loves this cheat.

It's everything, they expect me to be.



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