I see dead things every day 
walking around with the mask of happiness 
faking the act of living 
ha ha charade you are 
I see the empty eyes 
mindlessly wandering through life 
black pits instead of pupils 
seeing only the fog of the damned 
I see creatures with dark minds 
completely void of the life giving light 
shuffling along their well worn paths 
mindless of where they go 
putting one foot forward at a time 
thinking they are walking the walk of the living 
I see the dead reflections in my mirror 
staring back black pits 
that remind me of a fucked up life and world 
I pretend to be living like all dark things do 
I see dead things every day 
as I shuffle on my well worn path 
getting momentary glimpses of a truth 
that says the dead things are me 
ha ha charade you are


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