black love

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  Lil white boys Yes, you I am talking. For once, I am taking up space Listen. What are you, scared?
  I feel the warmest when I’m surrounded by my family We live life as if there’s no limitations despite the fact that there are so many  
                        August 31, 4:34 P.M                         It started off as a “getting to know you”                         The “getting to know you” turned into a new friendship
they call us magical  cus we stay when things seem to get a little tragical  we seem to always be protecting our men  cus when we have no more left in us to do what's right, they become our pen 
It's crazy to think… I'll love you ‘til the last breath in me And yet I hate that I love you so. I’ll ride or die ‘til the end of night,
  "The blacker the berry, The sweeter the juice"     Is the first quote I think of when I think of you
  I shall balance this heart in my hands. A paint of brown on my lips, on yours. Cherish this moment with one breath, two hands Warm bodies.  
Thank you mommy Thank you daddy For teaching me that my curls are beautiful Thank you mommy Thank you daddy For teaching me that my dark skin was crafted by Him
I'm in love with the thought of someone loving my mind and body just as much or maybe even more, as I love it.
Don't Judge the Color of My Skin 
I thought for sure this time My midnight bedroom black as the sin I Could have committed with him Was lit up enough from the furnace of our bodies I could see his eyes wanting me.
So, my skin isn't too light. Some might even say it's not right, just wrong. My hair isn't long by the beauty-man's standards. It lacks in flat and lifelessness. It's curly and wild, not wispy and slight. My eyes shaded with shadows and brown.
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