Between Breaths Praying


I thought for sure this time

My midnight bedroom black as the sin I

Could have committed with him

Was lit up enough from the furnace of our bodies

I could see his eyes wanting me.

For sure this time would be the first time

him wanting me

me wanting him

To touch all the inches of my skin that

Have admittedly been explored by another before

not truly appreciated or admired not adequately adorned

- Be pressed perfectly within the confines of his temples -

Decorated in his sweet strings of thoughts

Between breaths

Want to be the rosary he lays to rest on my bedside table

Replaced by kisses I wrapped sweetly around his neck

Nibbling on his Adam’s apple

Brown skin beaded in sweat

In my midnight bedroom

I thought for sure

He wanted me then

Wrong as I was

Misread and misguided

Must have imagined that mind focused on

The passion I was projecting

Not upset that he doesn’t love me

Don’t pay much mind to that but

I imagined him praying on me differently.


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