I'm in love with the thought

I'm in love with the thought

of someone loving my mind and body just as much or maybe even more, as I love it.

Pleasing me not just with sex, but with intelligent conversations.

Going out to Museums every week

No need for expenive dates, lets just pack some food and have a picnic while tanning.

As our skin get darker

our love, connection, and your strokes become stronger.

Sex during summer time.

Your smooth, dark, sweaty body grinds on top of mine.

The blacker the berry, the deeper the strokes.

Our moans and groans last all night.

We wake up.

Our mornings filed with cuddling, oral sex. and more intelligent conversations.

I'm in love with the though of starting my days with my black king.

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That was great. Read my "The blacker the berry the sweeter the love" poem and tell me what? tyou think

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