Point of View

they call us magical 

cus we stay when things seem to get a little tragical 

we seem to always be protecting our men 

cus when we have no more left in us to do what's right, they become our pen 

our love is unconditional 

we would do anything for you, because our life is not fictional 

we need you to prosper 

we need you to be a grown man, get your education, and make that deans list roster 

see, why do we do the things we do ?

cus what we do is not brand new 

we are made to ensure your safety 

because God made you to save me 

you could love us with only half of you 

but we're gonna stay and love you til you love all of you 

because we love you more than you do 

without us you'd be more than confused 

you give us hell, but that fire burns inside me 

you act like stressing us is fun 

but baby, we turn that fire you put in us, into the sun 

black women radiate 

we understand those ill intentions society forced in you, we must fumigate 

cus that black boy gon be a black man , one day 

so i'm gon love you til you die but mark my words when i say 

if i ever had to leave you 

there would be no reason for me to cry 

i would just had to be proud 

ensured that i taught you how to handle situations without getting loud 

because they're killing y'all in the streets 

treating our sons and brothers like their some type of raw meat 

i wish i could be your armor everywhere you go 

but i can't so i have to give you knowledge so your rights are what you know 

for every black man, there is a black woman protecting him 

coming to the rescue at every moment to save him 

they wish they didn't need us 

but without us, they wouldn't know trust 

what it's like to have a woman really love 

holding you close like an angel from above 

we pray to God and ask him to guide you on your way 

cus we need our black man home one day 

to protect the home while we rest 

that's the day the mans love will be put to test 

if he handles what the black woman does for a day

he'll be asked to come home forever and stay 




This poem is about: 
My community


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