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The shadow of your hand lingers on my skin, While tire tracks engrave upon the dirt. The day you left was the day I changed, The memory of you will never be the same. I wish you could see the debt you owe,
This is the end, our forever love. I was so wrong.   You were silent, I was hopeful.   You left me,
On a US map One puts a pin on a territory to prove they’ve been there, Been a presence, did something, were somebody, Penetrated corkboard.  
When you broke up with me and you said you needed space i was fine with it Because i thought you meant it in a normal way Rather than applying for a job at NASA.  
This is Just to Say I have broken your heart into a  million pieces,   You had probably not expected  this pain   Forgive me, You were great but you broke
The way I feel when I'm with you is so indescribable 
You were a
Love is a four letter word & I've been worked into a novel. There are whole libraries of letters and bracelets and promise rings broken in two (1.Everything you've touched
You Killed
You didn't give me butterflies in my stomach.You gave me fireworks.  
Sweet, musky scentthat rises the stripedstairs into my nostrilsand opens my eyesto see a blurred, blue silkysmooth crashing, clutchfrom the shoving mobbehind me, intoa forgotten memory, whose
1. You got out of jail on Sunday.  The sudden realization that you weren't just a bad dream Cracks my eyes open, makes them bleed I was Alice falling through the rabbit hole
I told you I loved you. I told you so often I began to believe it. I lied to you every day we spent together. I told you that I loved you. I told you so often that I swore it was the truth.
You’re so cold it makes me want to cry Saying I’m okay is slightly more than a little white lie I’m so pissed off, yet so sad inside I’m locked in a battle I just can’t win I wish you’d try to be civil now and then
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