This is the end,

our forever love.

I was so wrong.


You were silent,

I was hopeful.


You left me,

for the girl I will never be.


Where my heart burns a flame,

you are there.

I am forced to my knees...crying,

you pushed me down.


I let you do this to me, 

you made me believe you were different.

"I'm going to change for you, my love." 

The words you used to kill.


Another disappointment

you hurt me…

but you didn't break me.


You will always be nothing.

Just another pathetic waste.

I have won this battle,

have a great fucking day.


I will now walk away,

from your vile games.

Or your twisted inclination,

toward girls with pretty names.


So this is the end of the line,

I'm cutting you off.


You are NOT my rock.


You are NOT my protection.


Smart boy you are.

Please! Follow your heart. 

Get in that car,

and press start. 


I'll watch as you drive away,

smiling because you think you won.

And as you have your final say,

I'll shoot you with your goddamn gun.


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