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I see you hiding behind the pain  black eyes on your face but you're saying "I'm okay" no person deserves that inflicted pain upon their face
Leaving me broken Out in the open How can you call that love Leaving me stranded Alone and abandoned How can you call that fun knowing im damaged Bruised broke and bandaged
Tone and tension Blurred images and tears escaping Footsteps getting closer to me Warped floors and unsteadiness Flexing and cracking  
  You wouldn’t know it if you met her But her moods can make Hurricanes in your soul Storms that pour and destroy And seem to last forever
Tonight, your palm will shake above mine, Your fingers will feel me sweat between mine, My fingers will feel the bump of your wrist,
I read that words have the power to change us and for the longest time, I refused to believe it.
If his eyes were a gun, they would've shot me. If his heart were a bomb, I would've been blown to peices with my head on his chest. If his soul were a black hole, I would've fell in.
He is the city's greatest rider And as he rides me faster and faster The whole world can hear my screech  On the corner with the red stop sign   My wheels are wobbly 
STOP!!!!  Just stop! Stop lying,  stop pretending like you cared,
Oh how I love you so, yet you do not seem to know.   You know the amount of tears I weep, yet my heart you continue to reap.  I have tried to save you, but further you stray.
Almost 20 and still                                                                             I cannot write about the time you hit me                                  
and you sat complacently back arched, head tilted i slinked behind you, grazed you with my fingers i could see the trichomes on the nape of your neck stand up in uniform silence; electrocuted soldiers
Remember me ? it has been a while since you last glarred you heaven blue eyes into my crystal clear soul  years since your devilish grin capture my glance Do you remeber me ? Take a seat, let me refresh your memory
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