First Love

Tonight, your palm will shake above mine,

Your fingers will feel me sweat between mine,

My fingers will feel the bump of your wrist,

The goosebumps on your arms. 

Tonight, your nails, cut too short, will find a knot in my hair I couldn't untangle,

Will find a knot in my heart that you create.

With lips shaking, you will tell me my hair smells nice,

With lips shaking, I will tell you I like yours parted that way,

We will share an uncomfortable smile,

We will share an awkward laugh.

Tonight, I will feel certain,

Tonight, it feels like forever,

because I am naive,

because I am new to this,

because I am not yet aware of the pain you'll cause,

Tonight, I speak in cliches

Tonight, it feels like a movie

Tonight, my hair smells like apricots,

Tonight, you are a dream.

Tomorrow, you are a nightmare.

Tomorrow, your lips will not shake

Tomorrow, your nails will not hesitate

Tomorrow, you won't smile or laugh

Tonight, your fingers will not touch me there,

But soon they will

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