City's Greastest Rider

He is the city's greatest rider

And as he rides me faster and faster

The whole world can hear my screech 

On the corner with the red stop sign


My wheels are wobbly 

And my grip tape has white cat scratches

All over it 

Reminding every other rider that I

Am his skateboard 


And he just keeps riding me 

And riding me

And I feel like I can't go any further

And I see all these other skateboards

And thier wheels are bright shiny new

And their owners treat them 

Like Kings and Queens

But not me


Becuase you see 

I am just one of my riders options 

And even though I can't see them

I know he has other skateboards 

Hiding in his closet


And it feels like lately I'm just one of his wall pieces

He only takes me off the wall when he needs me

And everytime I'm placed back 

There's always another scar on my back or 

Another screw missing

I am his skateboard


And I'm getting tired of supporting his weight on my back

But there's nothing I can do

and there's nothing I can say 

Because to him

I'm just another object that doesn't have feelings.


But you see I do

And right now I'm feeling like tarnished gold thrown in the trash

And he knows he does not want me 

But he needs

Because you see I am a limited editon

And though my parts may be torn 

My value is stil high because I am one of a kind


But I feel like I'm about to break

Because everytime he pops a trick

On my back I feel increases of cracks

Aboout to split me in half


And he still has the guts to call me his favorite skateboard

And he is my worst friend 

But my best enemy

And as he rides me

And places his feet on top of me

He is not gentle nor calm

But he rides on me strong


And lately when we go out for a ride

it's when he's alone

And he does he wears a handicap sign around his neck

Blinkers blinking on his sides

To let all his friends know

I'm not a capable ride


And he can't see it

but on the inside I cry

and I have no one to share my secrets with

So on the inside i cry 

But I feel like screaming




But he can't hear a single sound 

Cause when he rides me and falls  

He makes sure I am right behind me

With my face faced towards the ground


But you see i've had enough

Because Day 1 he keeps me on the wall

Day 2 my confidence gets small

Day 3 Get me off this damn thing

Day 4 I don't exsist anymore

And by Day 5 he no longer calls me his ride


But he must be must be feeling a little more generous than yesterday

Because today he takes me for my last ride

And as he makes this one unbelievable jump

i feel my life flash before my eyes

When he bought me

When he loved 

When he broke me

Now I am nothing


He is the city's greatest rider

And as he throws me away 

In the dumpster with the skeletons of his

once loved skateboards

He goes and buys another

And now the wolrd hears a new screech

on the corner with the red stop sogn

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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