Pain>My Pain

It's just a part of who I am

Everyone's happiness has always mattered more.


Maybe it's because everyone else mattered more.

But that is just how it is now.


I carry the weight of the world, 

on my teenage shoulders.

I carry the burden of a family,

on my measely honor.

I carry the pain of a heartache,

in my shattered heart.

I carry the shame of scars,

on my pale arms.


But when a friend or family member is in need of my help,

None of that matters.

They come first.


It's okay though. 

It helps me forget for a while.

I can push my problems aside.

Until I can take it no longer.


Many quietly worry about my sanity,

and at times I do as well.

But I am still young, 

and have many more years of this to come.



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