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Dear Zhenna, I don’t want to do this, But what choice do I have? Where else would I go, If you’re the only friend I have?  
Dear Cryptic Affluence,      Did I really have to go so far? What did I do for you to drown this way? It wasn't easy getting here, tell me was it meant to be?
I gave you somethingyou probably shouldn’t of receivedI’m weary eyedthinking about how you seemed to lead charming sweet smiledemeanor honest and truthfulwhy did my heart have to be so couthful?
take this cup away from me  do not force me to believe the lies you feed me i can see them a  mile away.  like the greens on the plate of a child.  they're avoided and taste awful when swallowed 
God I am frustratedNothing is as it shouldWonderful thoughts of flightBroken calls of worry
Did i suceed? or did i go blind? because of the greed i got tears in my eyes  but no longer I see  and tears eventually dry  so suck it up you fiend its not as if you died 
poured over like a liquid fountain, rain these words are constant but vanishes weak for it goes through the ears; the mind never taints as heard but never listened, conscious faint
forced and false  fake will fall  you must be real  to withstand at all  because smiles won't get you through hard times  but peace and prayer through this upward climb  stand in line 
          mirror mirror, what do you see?           some hidden power buried deep?            or are the scars all that you see?          like the others who don't see me.             I am not Scars but I'm not free
The stirring of shadows  The waking of dreams A last stand in battle  No one hears you scream But you made it through  Which is worse to you  Pretending to be okay
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
I am perceived as sweet and innocent No bad thoughts can cross my mind, I am seen as smart and thoughtful, People seek my intellect all the time Always I wear a smile,
Man's bestfriend  No matter when A women's alternative To a boyfriend  We all live Within a world Where we have a choice  To our friend  For a man Usually the dog
Why must the pain live on? Why must suffering prolong? Why not love And be loved? Why do I close that curtain to my soul? “Don’t show them who you are. Don’t let that side break through.”
we all have that face you know, the one we hide from the ones we love. but who saves us from seeing it in the mirror? who saves us from seeing that face when we close our eyes?
Beneath the surface,Beyond the wall I createdThrough the numbers of the matrix,Underneath the false perceptionAnd Misunderstood  representation,Misleading calculated frustrations
A Women of All Odds   Please pay no attention to the women behind those books Intelligence is over-rated; twerking is all the new rage
You go through my closet. I have many, paper maches, mask, faces, or soft veils.
Pretend you're not hurt Even though deep down you are Inside you're dying 
You cannot see the beguiling manner of those people You, an amiable person Them, a people of many faces You run past the boisterous crowds Only aiming to please Behind the false perfection,
Fight onwards my son! Take the chance I never had! Grasp you fate with both hands May honor resound with your name. To me ears, the mantra rings on But am I truly worthy for the crown?  
Glass shatters on the floorHer heart finally gave
We are not bound by blood yet nothing can separate us I do not know you since birth yet our energies tell a different story
Left in world, Where everyone hides, Behind a false face, Generality resides.
one door must close for another to open this is what you all propose the cycle must have broken   closing, closing, closing never to be reopened but on I must keep going,
We are bornwe are taught to survivewe procreate, we teach,and then we die. Chains of a Biblekeep us in prisontrained to believein a false wisdom.
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