False Hope


one door must close

for another to open

this is what you all propose

the cycle must have broken


closing, closing, closing

never to be reopened

but on I must keep going,

no time for useless emotions


where are these adjarn doors

that you all so emphatically speak of?

here I am - broken down of the floor,

 yearning for hope from above


 where do I go from here?

I have nowhere to turn

the end is becoming nearer,

there's no more need for your polite concern


hopelessness has become more than an acquaintance,

the cycle has broken

all my doors have closed at once

and not another has opened 



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sad way of looking at things

life presents much more-give yourself that opportunities for doors to open

this poem can be the beginning of find that opportunity

keep writing and challenge yourself to write something positive and inspiring

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