A Women Of All ODDS


A Women of All Odds


Please pay no attention to the women behind those books

Intelligence is over-rated; twerking is all the new rage

“She” I-I mean ME lacks this sense of common knowledge

As well as self-esteem, so she dumbs it down by illustrating ignorance in order to please

I must be accepted so I dare not be smarter than a fifth grader, a computer

nor any man that I come in contact with

Yes! Take pity on me; rescue me as if I am a damsel in distress

Let me portray my assets, paint over my face with transparent colors

And take pride in my appearance and not my intellect 

Direct your attention away from that OBJECT behind those books


And please pay no mind to that women being kindhearted

In fact TAKE “her” kindness for naïve-ness  

I was told that I’m too emotional and sensitive

I dare not feel, so I’ll mask all my emotions

And even numb my curiosity to all the wonders that love has to offer

Take it a step further and even audition for a spot on to the “Bad Girls Club”

Being romantic is in fact hopeless

So instead ill manipulate and break others spirts

Reduce them to an abyss of nothingness and take pride in being rootless

Direct your attention away from that HEARTLESS mirage  


And please ignore that woman exercising her courage

In fact she is most likely suffering from a case of “temporary nervousness depression”

The public is no place for her, actually “there’s no place like home”

So place “her” I-I mean me on brain-rest

Log onto IG and follow because LEADING takes too much effort of courage

Ignoring my animal instincts is how I gain acceptance 

Speaking up is ridiculous!

So let me digest these false truths that the media force feeds me   

Follow me; as I follow the follower who is also following…

Direct your attention away from that COWARDLY woman


And pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain

She… no I-I am a women of great expectations

This illusion of what a woman should be is greatly opinionated

Do I disappoint because I do not fit your stereotype of intelligence?

Am I weak for wanting to indulge myself and others with self-love?

How do I persevere without showing any residue of courage?

Why must I falsify who I am in order to fit someone else’s perception?


“I have spoken!”


Now direct your attention to The Women of all Odds




If love for this could physically take up space, we would have to find a new planet to live on.

This is amazing! 


Thank you so much! Seriously :)


Wow!!! This is so good! I'll share it.


This a cool poem, i see you putting in work


This poem can't be ignored; it's so good! Was "Speaking up is ridicules!" supposed to be "Speaking up is ridiculous" though? Or was it an intentionally typo designed to undersore to degredation of intelligence in a woman who wants to please?


Lol. Honestly a typo but... Your answer/reason sounds better!!! So I'll go with that! :) oops!


I think you meant to say "damsel in distress." It is a very good poem though.


Thank you sooo much! The struggle. Lol


I love it


Love this very good job


Thank you! Very much


Thank you! Very much


This is awesome. I love the message.


Thank you very much!

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