False Pretense

Beneath the surface,
Beyond the wall I created
Through the numbers of the matrix,
Underneath the false perception

And Misunderstood  representation,
Misleading calculated frustrations
Love was painted as a fixture
A mixture of the utmost amazing creation

Faultless attractions mixed with flawless interactions
Heart beating contractions 
From my own personal experiences
Love is only half ass fractions

Odd numbered figures with,
Out numbered guidelines
That is almost impossible to simplify
I’ve identified the symbols

But haven’t verified the expressions
Love has too many rules to abided by
With coded messages and assuming opossums
Abundant punch lines with a temporary low high

From love comes abandoned self-pride
An easier chance to be blind-sided
My false actuation's on love isn’t
The base of this tempered with formula

Love is the square root to my misjudgment
The reason why I would show Any sign of weakness
Love is my false pretense


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