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Write what you know She says. She inspires me, I want to listen. But when I write My pen is colored dark ink and leaves
Never before have I turned you down Crumpled up the paper and threw you around Words so sweet and feelings so dear Don't test them. I won't, he swears Energy inside so deep to the core
Life! is it really free? Freedom, is the will to strive Endure , and Prosper... I walk through my city, full of despair Poverty stricken neighborhoods, no freedom is there! Love lost, None found...!
Ideas are illustrations of the mind and I am the artist Why do I write? I write to shine light on those stuck in the dark To give a voice to the voiceless And hope to the hopeless I was in your shoes once
Why do i write poetry ?  I write because no one else knows my story  No one knows what I've been threw  No one have been threw what I've been threw  Lets start by saying my mom is my reason
It was unstopable.From the moment I reached out,to let the thoughts run from the tips of my fingers to the unending horizon of white.Time ended that moment.Breath ceased and the world paused on its axis.
When I was younger, I used to try to jump off of tables to make myself fly. But when my bones were all broken (and my dreams were as well) I came to realize why I always fell:
There’s darkness. And colors Like rainbows Like orbs light           life Inside of this corpse   But I can’t get it out. I can’t claim it  
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