Ideas are illustrations of the mind and I am the artist

Why do I write?

I write to shine light on those stuck in the dark

To give a voice to the voiceless

And hope to the hopeless

I was in your shoes once

The shoes that weren’t mine

Thinking that I had to please everybody

But I didn’t have to please anybody but myself

To clear up the confusion the illusion is that we have power

You can climb to the tallest tower and still be looked down upon like a bug

A mere insect that can be swept under the rug and hidden for no one to see

I was contempt to settle down where I was seen like I wasn’t royalty

Truth is I always had a crown it was there for you to see

But you looked at my skin but instead of seeing the real me you saw the past

Not my past but the past of my great great great grandmothers

A couple generations but you’re blind so you don’t see the change

So I write to open up your eyes because this world is it a sight to see

And it would be a waste of life to continue seeing what it used to be


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