why i write ?


Why do i write poetry ? 

I write because no one else knows my story 

No one knows what I've been threw 

No one have been threw what I've been threw 

Lets start by saying my mom is my reason

I take my life and make it into a story that rhymes

Put the piece's together to tell people my complicated story 

Its allot to go through so i hope your reading carefully

why do i write ? to show people you can do whatever you want

don't let no one bring you down you can achieve the higher things

don't let tears pass your cheeks only if it matters it'll make you weak 

don't cut yourself listen to my words when i say get help

i throw things like that inside my poems

 I've been threw it all

Welfare checks, food stamps 9-5 jobs my mother tried it all

I'm not perfect no one will ever be i just want people to hear my message

One day ill have it all i can support my mom threw her downfalls 

This is why i write to be heard for once and not hide my talents

So this is the end this is my last line I'm done trying explain why i write 

I'll just keep my head up hoping you read my poem and sinced my struggles and said 


"That's why she writes"


-Love's Reject







Beautiful piece please continue writing and aim for what ever it is you want to do. Seems like you would do that even without me saying that with your piece though so i can't wait to read more from you!

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