Write What You Know


Write what you know

She says.

She inspires me, I want to listen.

But when I write

My pen is colored dark ink and leaves

Darker words on the page-

Angry words, twisty scary passages.

Darkness is something I definitely don’t know

But I have to keep writing.

There is a lot I don’t know,

And even more I don’t really understand.

Hate and guns and wars and little coffins-

Indigo subjects I can’t comprehend.

Topics I really don’t want to write about,

But I have to,

Because I can’t let the purple ink absorb

Into my fingers and run coursing through my veins

And color my world darker

(The world is already so dark)

No No.

I must wipe my dirty fingerprints

Onto these blank pages

And let the darkness bleed.

I have to drink every shot of sunshine

And dance to bright music daily

To remind me of the beauties that still do exist.

And I must make optimism my drink of choice,

Positivity my addiction,

Because I have to figure out a way

To get back to writing beautiful things.

Poetry about love and stars and babies and new life

Verses filled with colorful joys of

Peace, security, and a world drunk with love.

(a world all colored yellow with JOY)

I have to get to that point

Where the happy poems and the poems about the beauty of the world

Is simply righting what I know.

I have to keep writing.


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