Life, Prosperity, and Peace


Life! is it really free?

Freedom, is the will to strive

Endure , and Prosper...

I walk through my city, full of despair

Poverty stricken neighborhoods, no freedom is there!

Love lost, None found...!

Government Corruption filled with corrupt hearts! </3

I was told that Freedom is the absence of Necessity,

Coercion, or Constraint in choice or action.

But freedom is what life chooses for us...!

NO HATE....! Is what we Preach!

But hate is what we seek...!

Ruthless killings, unresolved issues

Mindless Leaders

Leading Us astray!

Life & The Pursuit of Happiness is all i had to Pray!

I Write Because of Freedom

I write because of peace but all in all i know is....

Life, Prosperity, and Peace.


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