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The white is better than the black The white shines brighter than the black that never beams.
How dare you tell the boy He amounts to nothing That he weighs more than a bulldog  But must bark like one in order to matter How dare you tell the boy He should not have been nervous
Just because I'm black society judges me But the whiter and lighter gets put above Saying we're equal but we're not the same
Do my eyes decieve me ? or is it that we live in a destructive country ? that's what I'm trying to figure out  how can our country get better with closed mouths ? instead of perservering as one 
Words You use the word nigga that doesn't make sense Oh I'm too tense but if I have to say that It's fine if I don't fit in You use the word nigga where's it from? It's a known
I came to U.S From the New Spain
They sit there silentWaiting for a chance to speakTheir wallets staying empty Because of a law that must change Hundreds maybe thousandsThey all stand there strandedNo workNo jobNo school
America is, Land of the free, Home of the brave. Speak up America! Break down the cultural barriers that have held us so long, Embrace your brothers and sisters.
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