a dream



When I dream, I dream a dream that not every girl dreams of. No makeup, clothes, boyfriends and best friends. I dream of education the type that can’t be handed to you, the type that every one works hard for and I can’t get. Ever since I moved here I dreamt of going to college. I dreamt of sitting in a university. I dreamt of living on my own. But sadly I can’t have that because I am illegal. So I don’t deserve the same privileges to go Harvard or Yale or any university because I’m not American, even after studying countless sleepless nights wishing to go to college I find out in the end that I’m illegal and have to go t community college just cause my parents wanted a better life for me. I know that I can’t have everything I want but what can I have?

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i wrote this poem in the point of view of a person that can't go to the college because their illegal and can't go to the college of their dreams. 

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