45 Second Trigger

How dare you tell the boy

He amounts to nothing

That he weighs more than a bulldog 

But must bark like one in order to matter

How dare you tell the boy

He should not have been nervous

Saying his incessant shakes 

Make him guilty by nature

How dare you accuse an innocent man

Of a crime he didn't commit

That bullshhh

Coming out of your mouth

Sounds like privilege

We just don't have

How dare you tell his Mother

His hands up

Head down 

Back turned 

Still threatened you

Saying his skin had nothing to do 

With the fact you still beat him

Black and blue

Completely ignoring 

The cold bloody screams

As he pleads and he pleads

As he continues to bleed

How dare you tell his Brother

There's a lesson in all this

To save his tears

To show no fear

Its the bullets 

He should miss

And how dare you tell me

You had 




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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