Who am I

Just because I'm black society judges me

But the whiter and lighter gets put above

Saying we're equal but we're not the same

So quick to judge never ask me my name

Hood on so you think I'm bound to rob

But my hair is a mess, I'm half asleep, my ears are cold they start to throb

Turned to quick so you pulled out a gum

"Don't speak put your hands up, I know you wanna run"

Should have you would have gotten threaten

Guess I was too black to be in your presence

Let me go after you did a background check

Maybe I was saved by your wanting of a nect check

Never wwould know but thats just a lil guess

Really don't matter but I realized I'm blessed

But who am I to judge?

A young,educated,proud black

Who am I you still ask? I'm the one that barely holds a grudge

To think racism would end is a dying want of imagination

Make blacks and whites come together like Dr.King I have an aspiration

Who am ?

The black child who's still misunderstood

Honors in class but came out the hood

Who am I?

I'm the one that go back

Who am I?

I am LaStacia just in case you were wondering

This poem is about: 
Our world


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