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When the red sky comes, Clouds form and heavy wind pushes me into confusion. Wind grabs me by the hand, Trying its best to hold me back.
My Father By: Ariel Tapia My father is my hero He has given up so much his education, his childhood, and his family. My father left school in the sixth grade and he started to work.
A daddy is a special man That every child looks up to;
"Poems should rhyme,  all of the time" Isn't that just the cheesiest line? Dr. Seuss, boy he was great,  and I don't think even I  could debate That a rhyme made his poems even more special 
I had a dream last night A dream that it all went right From day one, there you were Out of the blue you cared about me Where the hell did that come from?   I always thought I needed you
I was born into the world Not too long ago  18 years to be exact Growing older every day   And Since I was little I've though so little On How I'm not how I expected
I used to be a crazy little girl, my heart was a colorful swirl. As I got older and problems started, my mom's hair soon departed. She is a surviver of breast cancer twice, but she's very afraid of mice.
A phone call that turnsYour world upside down.
My hero  I'm waiting on a different Superman though.He doesn't have a cape,doesn't fly with special powers.He's definitely not invincible.My Superman is my Mom.She wears scrubs and works 70 hour weeks.She saves the day, there is no denying, the va
I thought I saw a smile, Though I know it can’t be true Seeing you try so hard, Part of me died with you You lived for family, God, and country The Red, White, and Blue
It is fitting that my grandfather should die tonight, How convenient that this is the very moment I have nightmared about
The day you gave me my first pair of wings, I forgot to tell you how much I loved you. My head was too far above my neck to listen to the beating in my chest. It was louder than any common sense you’ve ever told me.
Love of my life, Man of my dreams, Best friend or years to come   Conquered my fears With him holding my hand He’s not only a shoulder, But a friend who is here Whenever I need  
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