Daddys Little Girl

A daddy is a special man

That every child looks up to;

That is why I am so thankful

To have a special man like you.


I am daddy's little girl.


Smiles, hugs, and kisses

You give me every night;

When you tuck me into bed,

And when you hold me real tight.


I am daddy's little girl.


Your heart is as warm as the sun,

So loving and so caring;

Looking out for me when I was little,

To make sure I was always sharing.


I am daddy's little girl.


"My sweet baby girl,"

You always like to say;

You can always tell

When something is not okay.


I am daddy's little girl.


As I'm growing older,

Like a bird, I'm going to have to leave the nest;

But no man can replace you Daddy,

You're better than all the rest.


I am daddy's little girl.


You're not only my daddy,

Or my best friend;

You're my everyday hero,

And I'm loving you until the end.


I will always be daddy's little girl.



-Jordanna Baker




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