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We question the origin of things and look for scientific explanations To justify and provide reasons to the start of our nation It comes down to a significant simple story of creation
Work to live until you die? Or is there more to this life? Trying to build an earthly empire that will thrive, while working towards a distant dream that will never come to be.
When that day comes When the whole world falls
There... is hope for you, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but just in case you haven’t listen closely to these words. THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU! He’s called Jesus Christ! And if you want any prove at all then let me share some of my life.
1/2 decade back thinking this next year'd be a short one   That's When            27 meant lewd poses for crowds of horny nubiles
If all one ever sees are the ebony clouds, One will never see the polished mists That fall as thunder crashes loud.   If all one ever sees are the violent waves, One will never see the beautiful ocean,
Hello my friend from long ago, you seem to me so different. At first an idol I adored  and then more fleeting, distant. I turned my back from the warm embrace the Spirit did provide me,
The power of healing.
See the butterflies fly at dawn, Catch them all before they're gone.   Some fly in shadows, Some fly in light. Some fly with ease, And some fly with might.  
The Temple is my favorite awe.
We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.Can't we all just get along?Can we continue to love one another,And help those in need?Can we bare each other's burdens,And pray for one another?
There once was a man Who laid under an old sicamore tree He was young but wise And seen good in Gods eyes He'd nod and wave Whenever one called his name  He'd never pout 
I wish for world peace, For there to be no war, 
The dark one tells me I deserve this pain.I desire punishment, for it is just.
it’s totally pride and god, i’m scared out of my mind to be known like i have some devilish secrets to hide the fear is crippling and only draws inward   but this soul’s designed to reverse the cycle
A Three Letter Word   No one likes to talk about it yet every human being goes through it.A three letter word that sucks all your hope, making you bitter & controlled.Some begin striving for the pot of gold which slowly fades to copper while t
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