The Temple Is My Favorite Awe


The Temple is my favorite awe.

Will I be able to go at all?
The devil tries his best.
He thinks that he will past the test.
In the name of Christ will I protest.
I'll go to the Temple,
And obtain my rest.
Sweet Jesus of mine,
Please help me to survive.
The adversary is lurking.
I can't even breathe without him working.
But I'll put my trust in my Redeemer!
My Redeemer, in whom I'll trust.
I'll build my foundation 
Upon His rock.
Whenever I'm in trouble, 
The Lord will knock. 
I shall open the door.
He shall hear my cry,
And tell the devil
Oh how I'll praise The Lord forever more!
Jesus Christ is the One whom I adore. 
The Temple is my favorite awe.
Looks like I'll be going, after all.


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