Religious Truth

We question the origin of things and look for scientific explanations

To justify and provide reasons to the start of our nation

It comes down to a significant simple story of creation

That has all the answers to our questions an established foundation

It takes listening ears, power of will and maybe patience

To realize the answer to all things is God

He is miraculously splendid, pleasant, merciful and of all loving

He brought his one and only son to demonstrate his tremendous love

The start of all things in nature reflects God, we just complicated everything

He gave simple and firm instruction to Adam and Eve which was disobeyed

Would life be different if the Forbidden Tree of good and evil remained untouched?

Sin would not exist only pure love and praise to Him

Humanity would have a chance to explore the perfect garden along with God

Things are so complicated and intricate now it’s not funny

Tons of philosophies in life were created for justification 

To fill the void of the unknown and become far away from God

It has and will keep tearing nations and people apart forming wars

For those who know the truth accept the Lord for salvation and more

And only then, try their best to make the world a better place

Not all accept the Lord Jesus since they are buried in sins that are unheard of

Have you heard the news lately? How the world operates is insane I like to call social constructionism

It was all created and formed for order to follow

Are we following what God has mapped out for us? Last time I checked, the charts were deviated

What He planned and said was set in stone, though we are professional at alteration

Many of my questions are being answered and I only can trust in God

I want to receive him in my heart and prepare for my salvation through his word

This world may become inhabitable from all the destruction

His wrath will wipe out everything like a wave crashing onto a shore

Once upon a time, nations were destroyed because of all the sin and there was no other option to fix the problems

Nothing was left, desolation and maybe a vulture

I don’t want to be involved with that, do you?

I want eternal sleep with God as I am learning more I might have a clue

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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