Last Hours

1/2 decade back thinking

this next year'd be a short one


That's When

           27 meant lewd poses for crowds of horny nubiles

           27 was the new 33

           27 rounded up

                     to the church bell

                     in the clock tower

                     banging away any mettle that came

                     before or in between

            27 never came after after


But it's coming quick

            after is too

            sure hope I don't find myself

            gum on my shoe in the middle

            of highway 92


            to see my sister and

            tell her I'm Blue

                       Blue in the face

                       Blue in the balls

                       Blue in the soul

             one big wad of Blue glue holding me together from anything new


Goddamnit 27,

I hate you,

and you will me,

but don't run away too quickly

with time and my rhymes

of snooze, sinews, snooze


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